M&D Medical Billing


M&D is expert in integrating your billing process into the flow of all electronic health records systems and are fluent in virtually every data system. With a deep knowledge of medical practice management and health record applications, we deliver the most efficient IT solutions.


A core lynchpin of an efficient practice is the management and retention of documentation. At M&D Capital we run a paperless office. Our document management system stores billing documents through a paperless process customized for each client. In a typical configuration, you send us the bills through a unique secure Citrix database and we process them and store them on our secure servers.


Workers’ comp and PIP claims are typically billed to a different carrier than your patients’ personal insurance. This is generally handled with paper forms for medical notes, and delivered by hand mail— a slow and laborious process prone to delay and error. M&D Capital has pioneered a method to file WC claims electronically, sending the necessary documentation and medical records electronically as well. The bottom line: your practice gets paid faster.


We maintain full HIPAA compliancy and keep up to date with changes in health care reporting regulations.